New FinTech App Aims to Have Crypto Trading Intelligence in the Palm of Your Han… – Press Release


This cutting-edge FinTech app is using A.I. and machine learning to efficiently aggregate data to create potential trades. As a result, investors of this technology may benefit from the potentially profitable Crypto investing activities and manage risk.

Portland, OR April 10, 2022 –(– ToroAlerts, LLC, a Portland, Oregon-based innovative FinTech company has launched a mobile app on iOS and Android that helps traders to take the emotion out of crypto trading. The app is integrated into an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool that uses Machine Learning (ML) and trading technical analysis to identify and alert the user with buying and selling points. Take the emotions out of trading decisions.

ToroAlerts is also proud to announce the recognition of several award nominations, including 2021 Winter Awards for Best New Mobile App.

2022 Inflationary Pressures
The January 2022 Consumer Price Index Shows Fastest Inflation Since 1988, higher than expected and inflation already up 7% year over year, the inflationary cycle has already arrived. Commodities are the traditional hedge for when the CPI begins to run hot. A unique twist on this is to invest in crypto to boost portfolio returns.

Because of technological developments, dealing with the ownership and legal implications of buying, selling, trading, and obtaining Crypto can be complex and expensive. In addition, the regulations, jargon, and classifications surrounding Crypto investing are vastly different from a typical stock transaction. Although Crypto investing can potentially generate significant returns, the current process is risky and requires a great deal of specialized support and knowledge. In addition, it may also experience a great deal of fluctuation, as seen during the recent coronavirus pandemic, which can impact Crypto investing results.

Today, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology has opened a potentially lucrative opportunity for individuals to invest in crypto and manage risk.