New Stainless Steel and Ceramic TSU Kitchen Knives by Pacific Solution Outperform Competition

/ Pacific Solution Marketing has announced their new line of TSU Kitchen Knives with high quality blades and handles made to withstand years of use and outperform other kitchen knives in their price range.

Based on years of success in producing widely acclaimed, historically accurate and high quality functional swords, Pacific Solution created the TSU line to offer durable kitchen knives to the consumer and professional chef markets at an affordable price. The new line comes with either stainless steel or ceramic blades and a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The stainless steel blades are made of high quality 440 stainless steel to hold their edge much longer than the less durable 420 stainless steel used by other manufacturers. The handles of the stainless TSU Kitchen Knives are made from Polyoxymethylene (POM) that is far more durable than the limited-life Polypropylene (PP) handles of other knife manufacturers. The ceramic knife blades utilize Nano-Zirconia making them lightweight, rustproof and able to hold their sharpness for years. In addition, the ceramic blades are easy to clean and impervious to food acids that can discolor steel knives.

Pacific Solution worked closely with renowned Taiwan master sword smith Kuo Chang Shi, who was responsible for the “Green Destiny Sword” in the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, to gain the experience that lead to the TSU Kitchen Knife line.

The TSU stainless steel kitchen knives come in six-piece and 14-piece sets, both of which include durable environmentally friendly rubberwood knife storage blocks that are insect, mold and warp resistant. Also available is an eight-piece stainless steel set that comes in a tough, handy terylene knife roll up travel bag for safe, easy transportation. The TSU ceramic kitchen knives are available in a three-piece set. The rubberwood knife storage block and the terylene knife roll up travel bag are available separately.

More information on the new TSU Kitchen Knives can be found at or by contacting Pacific Solutions at (909) 930-5845. Distributors and retail outlets interested in carrying the TSU Kitchen Knives can contact Pacific Solutions for more information.

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