New ‘Tech Metropolis’ PAD poses vital flood danger

Cayman Enterprise City, Cayman News Service

CEC site

(CNS): An application by Cayman Enterprise City to expand and modify its Planned Area Development on a 75.5-acre site in the South Sound mangrove basin has raised “grave concerns” about further seasonal flooding of homes and existing developments in the area. The Department of Environment has said the revised plan is likely to make a bad situation even worse.

The CEC PAD, which was granted planning permission in December 2015, has changed significantly since that original application. It is also now one of a series of new and pending developments in the basin. As well as raising concerns for the DoE, the National Roads Authority and the Water Authority, objections have been submitted to the Central Planning Authority by dozens of residents in the area.

Expressing concern about flooding, the height of the building and the density of the residential areas, objectors said the plan “bears little resemblance to the original” application to provide office…