News-PR Guidelines

Press Release Submission Guidelines – The online free press release distribution service gives you an opportunity to publish news stores on any subject of your interest. Whether you write about events happening in your company or about something interesting happening around the world. News of politics, sports, business, weather, war and peace any story you feel that could be brought to people via web can be a part of Cayman Mama.

The writers, journalists must follow the following guideline laid down by to get their news articles published in Cayman Mama. Following all the guideline laid below will help in faster approvals and publishing of your press releases.

a) Insufficient Content: Make sure you have enough news worthy material to write on. Too short content does not make an effective press release. Similarly the press release should not be too long. The news worthy reliable press release should not be less than 250 words and should not exceed 400 words. Too short or too lengthy press release will not be approved.

b) Type Style: Press release should be typed in normal type style. Do not submit a press release typed in UPPER CASE characters. Also make sure that headline too, are not in all upper case letters. CaymanMama news service will not accept press releases and headline completely written in UPPER CASE characters.

c) Spelling and grammar mistake: Please make sure that your press release is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Kindly spell check the document and proof read the same for any grammatical mistakes. Getting it checked by someone for grammatical mistakes if any before submission to CaymanMama will help in faster reviewing and approvals.

d) Word Wrapping: Let your sentences flow naturally and do not force any hard carriage when the line ends

e) Do NOT submit an advertisement: CaymanMama is a news release agency. All press releases approved and released are for the benefit of spreading useful information. We welcome news stories and do NOT entertain any article writing written in the form of an advertisement. All such submissions will be rejected if the focus of press release so submitted in on sale of products or services and not on information.

f) Formatting: Before submitting your press release please make sure that your news story is properly formatted before you copy and paste it in CaymanMama. Unformatted or poor formatting will cause any strange character to appear in your press release.

g) Linking: Please do not include any HTML tags for font sizing or for creating paragraphs or line breaks neither will it be useful for you to include HTML tags to activate your link.

h) Violation of copy write law: will immediately remove any content / press release if found to be copied without discussion or recourse not withstanding any argument/ explanation extended by the disputing parties. We strictly prohibit the use of copyrighted material. Individuals involved in violation of copyright laws will be legally responsible and will also be subjected to probable fines.


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