Next-Gen InfraOps Will Enable Automated Efficiency and Enhanced Governance, Says… – Press Release

InfraOps, when applied well, should be the embodiment of governance policies as expressed by standards in architecture and automation.

TORONTO, March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – To tackle the challenge of meeting growing business demands for scale and speed in IT operations, Agile methodologies have become a foundational approach for many tech teams. As a result, DevOps has evolved from Agile and given rise to various “xOps” categories that can be overwhelming to navigate. To make sense of this spectrum, InfraOps, which has a focus on automating and managing infrastructure, was introduced as a subset of DevOps. To help IT leaders make sense of this broad spectrum of xOps, global research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group has published its latest blueprint, Next-Generation InfraOps.

The new research explains that all xOps methodologies and approaches serve the same purpose; to increase effectiveness through automation and improve governance through visibility. The key for IT teams is to identify the right tools and methodologies that will deliver actual benefits to both the IT operation and the organization as a whole.

“There are as many different types of ‘xOps’ as there are business models and IT teams,” says Nabeel Sherif, principal advisory director at Info-Tech Research Group. To pick the approaches that deliver the best value to an organization and that align to its way of operating, it’s important for IT leaders to understand the different major categories in the xOps spectrum and how they may apply to their approach.”

Info-Tech’s blueprint explains that InfraOps is one of the major methodologies that address a key IT problem at cloud scale by eliminating friction and errors in deliveries and outputs. Architectures, tools, and frameworks are available to make adopting this approach easier for IT departments and organizations.

Although infrastructure architecture is usually a binary choice, an automation approach should use any and all tooling that helps….