NextGen Food Robotics Inc. Announces work on development and integration with US… – Press Release


Vancouver, BC, June 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NextGen Food Robotics Inc. (NGRBNGRBF is pleased to announce the development and integration with a US-based restaurant point of sale (POS) Application Programming Interface (API) within NextGen’s proprietary AI App: Lilly. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for NextGen as it expands its capabilities in the food industry and enhances the user experience of its innovative AI-powered application.

At the forefront of Lilly’s capabilities, upon completing this API integration, Lilly will have the ability to search for food across over 1 million stores and access more than 1 billion products. This unparalleled reach enables users to explore a vast database of options, offering convenience and choice.

Lilly’s innovative features include an advanced search engine that aggregates millions of grocery stores and restaurants across the United States, ensuring the delivery of accurate Point of Interest Data. Furthermore, the API empowers Lilly to provide users with real-time ordering availability, prices, and even item customizations and modifiers for each menu item and grocery product.

In addition, Lilly’s delivery selection is expanded through integration with over 30,000 third-party delivery services, courier services, and stores with their own drivers. This comprehensive network of delivery options guarantees that users can choose the most convenient and efficient service available, enhancing the overall food ordering experience.

NextGen Food Robotics Inc. is excited about the potential of this integration and the added value it brings to its AI app, Lilly. By leveraging the power of the POS API, NextGen continues to deliver innovative solutions that revolutionize the food industry and provide users with seamless and convenient experiences.

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