NFL and Washington Commanders lined up sexual misconduct, says US report

Washington Football Team


The franchise dropped the team name ‘Redskins’ in July 2020 after criticism from sponsors and fans

The NFL and the Washington Commanders covered up decades of sexual misconduct, a US report has found.

The US House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform carried out a year-long investigation into the Commanders’ “toxic workplace culture” and the NFL’s handling of it.

Its 79-page reportexternal-link says team owner Dan Snyder “permitted and participated in the workplace misconduct”.

Neither the Commanders nor the NFL have commented on the report.

It adds that businessman Snyder, who has owned the Commanders – previously known as the Redskins – since 1999, also “engaged in tactics used to intimidate, surveil and pay off victims”.

“Sexual harassment, bullying and other toxic conduct pervaded the Commanders’ workplace, perpetuated by a culture of fear instilled by the team’s owner,” it says.

Representative Carolyn B Maloney, chair of the oversight and reform committee, said the…