No instances of Delta variant detected in Cayman

No cases of Delta variant detected in Cayman

Genome sequencing equipment at the HSA that was purchased through donations from the R3 Foundation. Photo: Alvaro Serey

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee said Cayman has not recorded any cases of the infectious COVID-19 Delta variant in travellers found positive, based on local genomic sequencing results.

Lee, responding to questions at Wednesday’s COVID-19 press briefing, said genomic sequencing, which recently commenced at the Health Services Authority Forensic Science Lab, picked up a number of variants in five samples that had tested positive for coronavirus.

However, none of those samples showed the Delta strain.

In differentiating the samples, Lee said the lab has found the UK variant; the New York variant, which he noted was not “a variant of concern”, it was just a “variant of interest”; two related South African variants; and possibly one other.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee.

He said should any cases of the Delta variant be picked up here it would “be very…