Non-profit stops efforts to regulate feral cats

Cat with baby iguana, Cayman News Service


Cat that has caught a baby iguana

(CNS): The Department of Environment’s feral cat control project has been stalled again by local animal rights charity Feline Friends as the Grand Court has granted a stay on the rollout of the National Conservation (Alien Species) Regulations. The non-profit organisation has run both a feeding and a trap-neuter-release programme on Grand Cayman for feral cats for over a decade but the new regulations prohibit both.

Represented by local attorney Sammy Jackson, the NPO has also been given the green light for a judicial review of the regulations that were drawn up to protect unique native species, such as indigenous iguanas and nesting sea birds, from feral cats that are killing them in significant numbers.

According to the legal challenge, the non-profit is arguing that the new rules exceed the scope of the National Conservation Act (NCA) as they go beyond the legislation, creating definitions that alter its intent and allowing people…