Noor Mukadam murder case: Court rejects bail pleas of main suspect Zahir Jaffer’s parents – Press Release

Noor Mukadam murder case: Court rejects bail pleas of main suspect Zahir Jaffers parents

ISLAMABAD: The bail pleas of the parents of Zahir Jaffer, the main suspect in the Noor Mukadam murder case, have been rejected.

Zahir Jaffer’s father Zakir Jaffer and mother Asmat Adamjee had filed a bail application in a local court in Islamabad stating that they were not with their son and did not know that such a thing was happening at home.

The public prosecutor said that the suspect had been in touch with his parents, but they did not inform the police. He argued that they tried to save their son. “When the employee called, the act was happening but they sent therapists instead of the police. The pistol is also in the name of the suspect’s father Zakir Jaffer,” the prosecutor said.

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The prosecutor said that call history, CDR, DVR and CCTV footage can be seen. He said the parents tried to save their child on the basis of dishonesty and that, at this stage, their bail application should be rejected.

A day earlier, Additional Sessions Judge Muhammad Sohail of Islamabad reserved judgment on the bail pleas of Zahir’s parents. It was announced Thursday morning that the court rejected the pleas of the parents.

Noor, a 28-year-old girl, was murdered with a sharp instrument in Islamabad’s F-7 area within the ​​Kohsar police station on July 20. 

Police arrested accused Zahir Jaffer in Noor’s murder case on July 20, while his parents were arrested on July 25. They were arrested on charges of concealing the crime of the main suspect.

The government has blacklisted Zahir and Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has said that all evidence regarding the case is complete.

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