North Korea a ‘clear and current hazard,’ says South Korean International Minister

North Korea a 'clear and present danger,' says South Korean Foreign Minister


Seoul, South Korea

North Korea is a “clear and present danger,” the foreign minister of South Korea has told CNN in an exclusive interview.

Kim Jong Un’s frequent missile tests and repeated warnings that he would consider using tactical nuclear weapons were a display of aggression and the only way to counter this was through extended US deterrence, Foreign Minister Park Jin said on Wednesday.

“What North Korea is doing is completely wrong,” Park said. “They have been escalating nuclear and missile threats, and threatening the peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia.”

In just the past week, North Korea has tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, which in theory could be used to strike almost anywhere in the world, and nuclear-capable long-range multiple rocket launchers – the equivalent of short-range ballistic missiles –…