North Korea claims ‘constructive development’ in Covid outbreak, however no reply to Biden’s supply of assist

North Korea claims 'positive trend' in Covid outbreak, but no reply to Biden's offer of help

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said that between Friday and Saturday there had been 186,090 new cases, 299,180 recoveries and one death.

If true, that figure would be a marked drop — the country has been reporting more than 200,000 of what it terms “fever cases” every day for the past week in an outbreak that has infected more than 2.5 million people and killed 67, according to official figures.

However, given the lack of independent reporting inside North Korea, it is difficult to verify the figures and there has long been widespread skepticism over the country’s Covid reporting.

Before the current outbreak was announced earlier this month, North Korea claimed to be Covid-free. The country of 25 million reported what it said were its first cases earlier this month, referring to the outbreak as “explosive,” raising fears about the ability of the country’s dilapidated health care infrastructure to cope.

North Korea is not known to have imported any coronavirus vaccines and has…