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With spring right around the corner in Toronto, one of the best habits before the onset of the season is checking your windows and doors. It’s imperative to perform maintenance if you have vinyl windows. Here are some useful maintenance tips for Windows and Doors for those who want their home to look pristine during the spring season.

Inspect carefully

Before you begin cleaning your windows and doors, it’s essential to put them through a thorough inspection. A lot can happen to your doors during the winter, and the examination will let you know precisely what you need to work on.

Ideally, homeowners should check for both major and minor issues so they can cover all bases. Some of the most typical issues that you may find with doors and windows are loose screws, rotting wood, damaged weather-stripping, chipped paint, and many more.

Clean thoroughly

After you’re done with the inspection, you can move on to cleaning your windows and doors. When it comes to windows, water and cloth are more than enough to help you get rid of any dust or grime that’s on the surface.

If you want the windows to shine like they’re brand new, mix a bit of glass cleaner in there and marvel at your brand new windows.

Doors are a slightly bit more complex to clean. It’s essential to consider the stain or paint finish of the door before getting the cleaning products. Certain stains will only be compatible with specific cleaning products.

Using the wrong cleaning product might result in you damaging your door. Once you’re done cleaning the exterior services, clean the door tracks and window casings to ensure that the door doesn’t get stuck.

Repairing and replacing old hardware

After winters, you’re probably going to have to perform a few repairs or replace some crucial parts. Check the multiple different screws and bolts, tighten any that are loose, and replace in the case of damage.

Additionally, you should also check all the various moving parts on windows and add the appropriate lubricant amount. Lastly, test the door and window locks to see if they’re operating correctly.

Benefits of hiring professional cleaning services

While you can maintain and repair your windows and doors after the winter season, it’s much more effective to call a professional cleaning service. They’ll bring the appropriate cleaning materials and will be able to repair even the most problematic of issues.

If you want the best cleaning possible, the only option is to hire a professional cleaning service.

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