NRA removes sidewalk indicators however MPs’ billboards stay

Cayman News Service

Signs still up in West Bay on Monday

(CNS): The National Roads Authority and the Department of Planning have removed around 55 unauthorised A-frame signs across Grand Cayman that were encroaching on sidewalks from West Bay to East End. The island-wide sweep at the end of last month focused on signs within the roadway shoulders, sidewalks and medians. However, the billboards in districts posted by some MPs and a number of other signs have not been removed.

The NRA said that business owners who place these private signs on sidewalks present a danger to people using the pathways. “These signs pose great risk to our pedestrians as they may have to step out into the road to avoid the sign,” said NRA Managing Director Edward Howard. 

Store owners are reminded that A-frames should always be behind the sidewalk, not within junctions or on sidewalks. The NRA and planning will be conducting these sweeps two or three times annually to manage the number of encroachment…