NTT DATA Announces Hospital at Home Solution to Overcome Challenges and Requirem… – Press Release

Hospital at Home care model benefits include higher efficiency, lower cost, and increased quality and satisfaction scores

NTT DATA, a global business and IT leader, today announced a solution to help U.S. healthcare systems develop new care models that expand care into a patient’s home. Hospital at Home programs serve patients with conditions that meet the criteria for hospitalization yet can be safely treated in a home environment.

The Hospital at Home care model is poised to be a key solution addressing many of the current struggles of health systems and patients. This is due in part to the successful implementation and adoption of telehealth, a Hospital at Home prerequisite, which skyrocketed during the pandemic. The American Hospital Association reports that hospital at home care makes good economic sense, generates positive experiences and superior medical outcomes. It also allows for a more flexible working environment for healthcare providers.

“Currently, our healthcare systems are strained, struggling to meet the patient demand as well as maintain key staff,” said Lisa Esch, Chief of Strategy, Innovation and Provider Industry Solutions, NTT DATA Services. “At the same time, consumers are demanding better, more personalized experiences. By expanding care into a patient’s home, healthcare systems will reduce the burden on their hospitals as well as provide a more personalized, dignified and private experience for patients.”

While the idea of house calls is not new, transitioning care out of the hospital is complex and requires strategic planning. Healthcare systems and providers must determine whether patients have adequate and persistent broadband connectivity, collect and manage the medical data that travels from one endpoint to another, and implement well-considered operational practices for the use of that data.

NTT DATA’s Hospital at Home solution offers a scalable digital platform to deliver care effectively and…