NWP condo undertaking stirs up new controversy

NWP apartment project stirs up new controversy

(CNS): A luxury condominium development on North West Point that was given a variance on the required coastal setbacks, allowing it to be built closer to the sea and for the developers to fill in an ironshore pool on the site, is causing a stir in the local community as residents claim they were never notified about it. The Serrana development was given planning permission in March last year against the advice of the Department of Environment, and work started on the project this week. But the DoE’s recommendations to the CPA were ignored and the work is likely to have a detrimental impact on the marine environment and shoreline.

“The Department was consulted on plans for the development in 2019, which included partially filling the barcadere and a reduced setback from the sea. We recommended that the proposed building be relocated further from the sea to increase the coastal setbacks, to meet the minimum legal requirement under the Development and Planning…