NYC Pediatrician Publishes Children’s Book; 5-Star Reviews!

08/26/2014 (press release: [email protected]) // New York City, NY, USA // Olivero Literary & Media Enterprise, LLC

“Toes, Knees, Shoulders, Head, When I’m Done, I Go to Bed” is a sleep hygiene book, authored by a pediatrician, and written as an entertaining, engaging, and educational bedtime story for both the reader and listener. It provides parents with an easy to read instruction manual on providing an appropriate sleep hygiene routine that the child will want to hear over and over again. It’s rhyming structure makes the concept of sleep hygiene fun and exciting, motivating the child to adhere to the routine, and reducing the parents efforts in its implementation.

While providing a tool to enhance a child’s emotional growth, this book also augments cognitive advancement as well.  Language development involves more than simple imitation of adult speech. Children, while listening, conceptualize the rules of grammar, acquiring skills through implicit learning. As such, the words used in this book were carefully chosen and integrated in a way that will boost language development and lay the foundation for later success in school.

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