Officers silent on contingencies for child components scarcity

Officials silent on contingencies for baby formula shortage

(CNS): Government officials have failed to respond to queries from CNS about any contingency plans the health ministry or Health Services Authority may have regarding the potential knock-on effect here in Cayman of the baby formula shortage in the United States. Two local supermarkets have told CNS that they don’t expect the supply issues in the US to present a major shortage here but both are taking steps to ensure they are able to access supplies.

A spokesperson for Kirk Market said that they have limited sales to four cans of formula per customer to discourage panic buying. Meanwhile, Julian Foster said there are some challenges for Foster’s but they have stock and are working with vendors to ensure a sustained supply.

But government officials have not yet commented on the issue, especially relating to babies with special feeding needs and allergies, or what plans they have to make sure the hospital, at least, has supplies for any infants who need specialist…