OfReg finds no help for poor gas high quality allegation

OfReg finds no support for poor fuel quality allegation


BarCam gas station (from social media)

(CNS): Allegations posted on social media accusing a local gas station of diluting fuel were immediately investigated by the Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg), which found them to be unfounded. Although no formal complaints were made to the gas station in question, BarCam Esso, or to OfReg, in response to the anonymous complaint, which was re-posted on Cayman Marl Road, an investigation was initiated that same day, 4 June, OfReg said.

Within an hour of the allegations, a team visited the gas station, located on the East-West Arterial Rd, Patricks Island, and took gasoline and diesel samples from the tanks and nozzles for observation and testing, the regulator said. They also checked the dispensers for any defects which could contribute to product quality issues.

The checks carried out included a visual “clear and bright” check, and the octane and cetane ratings were tested for the gasoline and diesel…