OfReg indicators off first IXP licence

Cayman News Service

OfReg CEO Malike Cummings (left) and SALT Wireless CEO and Founder Blair Lilford

(CNS): Just eleven days after the utilities regulator, OfReg, revealed it was creating a regulatory framework to pave the way for local internet exchanges, it has issued its first licence. According to a press release from SALT Wireless, part of the SALT Technology group, announced that the company received its IXP licence Friday, 19 March, which the company said would improve internet connectivity through a BGP peering implementation. Blair Lilford, CEO and Founder of SALT Wireless, said the company was excited to bring the technology to the island, adding that it was long overdue.

“In the coming months, the public will experience the benefits of having an IXP and we look forward to seeing how this peering implementation will help provide further opportunities for sustainable economic growth,” Lilford said in a press release.

Currently, ISPs are not exchanging internet traffic with…