OfReg strikes to manage native IXPs

OfReg moves to regulate local IXPs

(CNS): Following a public and industry consultation on the lack of internet exchange points (IXPs) in the Cayman Islands, OfReg, the utilities regulator, has revealed that it is creating a regulatory framework to pave the way for these local exchanges. OfReg said that it is in the public interest to regulate IXPs to protect local internet traffic and cut costs.

In a press release issued Monday, OfReg explained that IXPs, or ‘peering points’, are physical locations where different networks connect to exchange internet traffic via common switching infrastructures. The regulator stated that they are a key part of the internet ecosystem and represent a vital way to increase the efficiency, affordability and quality of connectivity.

There were no IXPs, peering between internet service providers (ISPs) or obligations to peer in the Cayman Islands before OfReg embarked on this consultation. As a result, local ISPs routinely route locally generated traffic (data) destined…