Online Auto Insurance: West Coast Consumers Should Check Coverage for Wind-Related Damage

/ Online Auto Insurance reminds West Coast consumers that damage done to their autos by the Santa Ana winds will not be covered unless they have comprehensive coverage.

Recent warnings from state regulators that Californians could soon face more dangerous wind storms should also serve as a reminder for state residents to make sure they are financially protected against the damage that severe weather can do, according to Online Auto Insurance (OAI).

Officials with the state Department of Insurance cautioned Golden State residents to beware the risks that high winds can pose to both health and personal property. They also urged consumers to contact the department with any homeowner and auto insurance coverage questions or concerns.

The warning came after powerful Santa Ana winds gusting up to 100 mph tore down trees and power lines, damaged vehicles and homes and left hundreds of thousands of people in Southern California without electricity.

Meteorologists say the Santa Anas, which typically occur in fall and early winter, are the result of dry air being pushed from inland deserts out toward the coast, where it becomes compressed and temperatures increase. Hot, dry winds gust across canyons and valleys and often feed wild fires.


The National Weather Service cautioned that destructive winds could return to the region as early as this week.

But while standard homeowner policies typically cover policyholders for losses caused by windy conditions, consumers will be reimbursed for similar damage to their vehicles only if they have policies that include comprehensive coverage.

With natural disasters across the country causing record-setting losses this year, OAI advises residents of California and other states to make sure their policies for vehicles that are relatively new or otherwise valuable include this type of protection if they expect to get reimbursed for such damages.

It is optional and will cost a bit more than a bare-bones liability policy, but it’s also the only type that protects against weather-related damage, including that caused by gale-force winds, fires, flooding and hurricanes.

California regulatory officials said insurance adjusters will probably be busy trying to keep up with the fallout of last week’s windstorms, so consumers should be sure to file any claims for recent or future losses as early as possible.

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