OnTray Media® Launches “ROCKS, PAPER SCISSORS” Campaign

02/06/2012 // Chicago, Illinois, United States // OnTray Media // OnTray Media Public Relations

OnTray Media®, the leading provider of customized advertising carriers for food and entertainment venues, now offers 42 unique designs of its patent-pending “OnTray Media®” product line in a 100% biodegradable paper and plastic alternative.

OnTray Media®’s founder, Dwight J. Smith, has created a paper replacement from a proprietary stone blend. This alternative to paper is 100% biodegradable and can hold 4-color process printing.

One of the massive benefits of Smith Paper® is that the stone compound used in its creation is easily manipulated. This allows for products from food trays to flatware to magazines to be manufactured using this 100% biodegradable alternative. This, compounded with the ability to hold 4-color process printing, makes the OnTray Media® product lines an incredibly attractive platform for advertisers.

Smith Paper® is also water resistant. Imagine your wedding album printed on water resistant paper, protecting your memories without sacrificing the quality of the pictures. This is what OnTray Media® is doing. They’re effectively creating higher quality products with a substantially lower impact on our environment.

OnTray Media® is using “Rocks” to make “Paper” eliminating the need to “Cut” down trees.

About OnMedia International:

Located in Chicago, Illinois, OnMedia International, Inc. [www.ontraymedia.com], is the leading provider of customized advertising carriers for food and entertainment venues. OnMedia International offers advertisers an innovative way to communicate targeted messages and promotions on the panels of custom designed food and beverage carriers at America’s leading stadiums, theaters, schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, shopping mall food courts, amusement parks, and other food and entertainment venues. OnMedia International’s exciting food carriers deliver memorable consumer touch points for advertisers and reduce costs for food service providers while simultaneously promoting recycling and environmental awareness.

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