Opinion: My firm has misplaced 4 staff to Covid-19 in India. This has been our response

Indian Hotels Company transforms hotels into quarantine centers


When I heard about his death, the emotions ran freely. I could not believe this had happened to a fit young man in his late 30’s. Moreover, the fact that he left behind a wife and a young child made the situation even more distressful. While we all knew the second wave of Covid was rampant in India, this loss hit home like a punch to the gut. I drifted sideways for a couple of days, not able to focus on any of the scheduled calls or video meetings.

The Covid outbreak in India would cause three more deaths within my company. Each of its victims left behind young families that were left both emotionally bereft and financially insecure.

During this period, I noticed a dramatic drop in the morale and engagement of my colleagues. My team, normally very proactive and dynamic, was obviously impacted not just by these deaths, but also the environment of extreme fear and negativity. All chat groups were filled with stories of people needing ICU beds or medication or oxygen and dying from a…