Oriental Yuhong’s Another Invention Patent Granted by the US – Press Release

BEIJING, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Oriental Yuhong’s independently developed product—butyl rubber reactive bonding layer for pre-paving reactive-bonding waterproofing coiled material, preparation method thereof, and pre-paving reactive-bonding waterproofing coiled material has obtained an invention patent certificate (Patent No.: US011655401) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Up to now, the invention patent has been granted in China, Europe, the UK, Germany, Singapore and other countries or regions. The granting of the invention patent in the US marks not only that this technology has reached the international cutting-edge level and won high recognition, but also that Oriental Yuhong has made another new breakthrough in technological innovation and international intellectual property layout.

With the in-depth development of globalization, Oriental Yuhong has actively carried out overseas patent layout. While fostering core advantages for products to be exported, it has continued to improve its competitiveness and risk control ability overseas, thus winning the upper hand in international market competition. For this end, the company has obtained patent grant and authoritative certification in China, the US, Singapore, Germany, the UK, Australia and other countries. In 2023, Oriental Yuhong has made great achievements in overseas intellectual property protection. Its key technologies and products have been granted invention patents in Australia (Patent No.: 2019413405) and the US (Patent No.: US011668056).

Behind the fruitful achievements are Oriental Yuhong’s great efforts to take scientific and technological innovation as the core driving force for high-quality development and to build a high-level scientific and technological innovation platform.

Over the years, relying on the industrial system, talent advantages and scientific and technological innovation resources, the enterprise has continuously accelerated the synergy of the…