Ought to Cayman provide a COVID protected haven for distant staff?

Should Cayman offer a COVID safe haven for remote workers?

Barbados offers a 12-month visa for remote workers for US$2,000. The island advertises it as ‘working in paradise’.

Bermuda and Barbados have moved to offer new temporary residency models to attract remote workers to their shores and stimulate economic activity amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘Work from Bermuda’ certificate and the ‘Barbados Welcome Stamp’ promote both islands as safe havens, while the rest of the world is moving through various stages of lockdowns and infection spikes.

Both programmes aim to pick up some of the economic slack in the absence of tourism.

“The volatility and craziness going on in the world by default makes Cayman attractive.”

The 12-month temporary residency models should not affect local jobs as qualified applicants are not allowed to work for local companies and will bring their jobs with them. At the same time, the influx of new residents will mean higher spending on rentals, groceries and on-island activities.

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