Over 34,000 overseas staff gasoline inhabitants explosion

Cayman Islands population, Cayman News Service

(CNS): The latest figures on foreign workers in the Cayman Islands highlight the population explosion that many believe is having a negative impact on the environment, putting a strain on local resources and affecting the cost of living. According to the numbers released to CNS by WORC this week in response to an FOI request, there are currently 34,171 foreign workers in the categories the department counted. The figures, which include around 1,200 people working for the government plus their dependents, revealed that there are more work permit holders and government contractors in Cayman than ever recorded before.

With more than 34,000 overseas workers, the increase of around 10.5% in the population last year is evidently not an isolated bump that could be blamed on the post-COVID recovery but an emerging trend.

Never before has a national census been so out of date so quickly. The final count for the 2021 national survey conducted in October 2021 and published in…