Overview of Honda Exhibits at the 28th ITS World Congress 2022 in Los Angeles, … – Press Release

TOKYO, Sept 13, 2022 – (JCN Newswire) – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will showcase its latest initiatives in the areas of carbon neutrality, as well as information-communication and control technologies, at the 28th Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) World Congress 2022, in Los Angeles, Calif., USA, from September 18 to 22, 2022.

The ITS World Congress is an international conference where participants present and discuss achievements made in the research, development and practical application of ITS technologies for resolving various traffic / transport-related challenges.

Release date and time: Monday, September 19, 2022 at 11:00AM (GMT-7)
URL: https://global.honda/innovation/ITS2022.html

– Key technologies included in the Honda exhibits:
<Honda initiatives toward the realization of “zero traffic collision fatalities”>
Initiatives to cut traffic collision fatalities in half by 2030

– Honda SENSING 360
Featuring omnidirectional sensing which removes blind spots around the vehicle, Honda SENSING 360 contributes to the avoidance of collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians as well as a reduction of the driving burden. The knowledge and know-how amassed through the research and development of Level 3 automated driving technologies have been utilized in the development of Honda SENSING 360.

– Honda Drive Data Service
Utilizing driving / vehicle behavior data and location information, the system analyzes and evaluates the traffic environment including locations where brakes are used frequently. Honda Drive Data Service is designed to reduce the risk of traffic collisions by identifying potentially dangerous spots on the road which may cause traffic collisions and enabling the user to improve the traffic infrastructure.

– Road Hazard Condition Monitoring System
ADAS (advanced driver-assistance system) cameras detect dangerous road conditions such as potholes and road construction, and the system shares such information with vehicles in the vicinity including motorcycles….