Owners to get free vitality effectivity upgrades

Cayman News Service

(L-R) Resilience Cayman Chairperson Jan Gupta, Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn, Premier Wayne Panton and Senior Policy Advisor (Energy) Kristen Smith.

(CNS): Caymanian homeowners with a household income of $4,000 or less per month are being offered free energy efficiency upgrades to their properties to help them cut costly power bills. Applications opened Tuesday for CHEER, a new project funded by the sustainability ministry that will foot the bill for insulation, seal gaps and holes, replace inefficient appliances and modernise air-conditioning systems.

Cayman Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits (CHEER) will implement energy-saving retrofits for lower-income families in small homes facing high monthly utility bills. Officials said priority would be given to the elderly, families with children, and those with diagnosed health conditions.

The ministry has contracted a local non-profit organisation to deliver the programme,…