Patek Phillippe’s ties with superstar and in style tradition from From Queen Victoria to Cardi B

Patek Phillippe's ties with celebrity and popular culture from From Queen Victoria to Cardi B


Written by Oscar Holland, CNN

From Joe DiMaggio to Albert Einstein, Princess Diana to Victoria Beckham, watchmaker Patek Philippe has long been a celebrity favorite. But the Swiss brand’s reputation has taken an unexpected turn in recent years.

Namedropping luxury labels may be nothing new in hip-hop, but lyrical references to Patek Phillippe exploded in 2017. That year, one-third of the songs on the Billboard Hot 100 mentioned the brand, according to music website Genius.
Travis Scott has rapped about his “two-tone Patek,” Cardi B (pictured top) “flooded” hers with diamonds and Gucci Mane suggested that his was “gon’ make this crooked judge try throw the book at me.” Young Thug, Migos and Future have all mentioned their Patek Philippe timepieces, while Lil Uzi Vert has such affinity with the watchmaker that he released two tracks honoring it, “Patek” and “New Patek.” (“New Patek on my wrist,” he said in the latter, “white diamonds, them sh**s hit pink.”)
The phenomenon coincided…