Patented Multipurpose Vest “Lumacarea” Launched by Snailots

Seoul, Korea, 03/05/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

LUMACAREA, a multipurpose vest that combines storage and a heating vest, has been launched by Snailots. It is a much-needed product for people who work or spend much time outdoors during the winter. Now they don’t need to use the congested storage vests due to the launch of the innovative LUMACAREA heating vest and winter coat.

The product “Lumacarea” can be purchased through the company’s shopping mall, or on its official website

These days, almost everyone carries items like cell phones, car keys, etc., but the usual vests do not have a suitable place to store them without getting a bulgy look. With the recently released LUMA VEST, it is possible to store such daily essential products in one’s pocket, as it comes with an internal band that enables a person to store and hold such objects comfortably within the vest itself without getting the saggy look.

Particularly, golfers carry mobile phones, golf balls, tees, and even distance measuring telescopes with them when they are playing outdoors, and they often wear cell phone pouches, golf ball pouches, and telescope pouches to wear around their waist. During the cold weather, they also carry heating products such as hot packs. All these items held around the body give an uncomfortable and uneasy experience. LUMA VEST can store all of these easily without causing any hindrance in one’s activities.

Many people carry heating products like hot packs in their hands during the winter season. If a person puts the hot packs closer to the body on the front and back pockets of this newly launched vest, it will in turn warm up the parts of the body where the hot pack is placed. This system can also be used to warm one’s hands by placing the hands on the LUMA vest’s pocket containing the hot packs. Especially for golfers, there is a huge advantage, which the LUMA vest gives, such as the possibility of keeping the balls warm within the pocket.

LUMA VEST, which has been patented in the United States, has been designed by keeping “user comfort” as a priority due to which it contains exclusive features.

LUMA VEST is recommended to soldiers, security patrols, police, and others who have to spend much of their work in-field operations.

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It is normally used as a general vest but one can use the storage and heating function according to their needs. As most countries in Europe and North America experience a strong winter season, the LUMACAREA vest can help people in such regions to work comfortably by using the storage functions and body-friendly design.

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