Patsnap Unveils Synapse Visitor, the Latest AI-Powered Pharmaceutical Intelligen… – Press Release


LONDON, April 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On April 20, Patsnap, the world’s leading SaaS provider for intelligence, announced the launch of its latest version of the intelligence platform, Synapse, available to visitors. This version includes advanced search functions for drugs and pharmaceutical organizations, now publicly accessible for the first time. Users can explore these features without prior registration, making searching easier and more accessible than ever before.

Synapse is an innovative Life Sciences Platform that uses AI technology to connect Drug Discovery information with Drug Development insights. This allows professionals in the pharmaceutical industry to make better-informed decisions throughout the entire innovation cycle. With a vast database of millions of free data points from over 150 jurisdictions, Synapse provides access to over 72,000 new drugs, 800,000 clinical trials, 6 million pharmaceutical patents, 62 million literature sources, 360,000 pharmaceutical organizations, and more. This wealth of information is available to users to aid them in their research and decision-making processes.

One of the key benefits of Synapse is its extensive database of drugs, particularly those in their preclinical or early developmental stages, which helps to mitigate potential risks for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. “We want to ensure that we are only developing drugs that are efficiently managed, reducing the risks of failure at the later stages of development,” said one of our key clients, the head of R&D. By having access to this valuable information, professionals can make more informed decisions and focus their efforts on drugs with a higher potential for success, ultimately saving time and resources.

Available on Synapse’s website as a free solution, key features include:

1.) Drug Advanced Search:

Quickly and accurately identify drugs based on specific criteria of interest. The search function covers global drug candidates and marketed…