Cupertino, USA, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Paysenger, a trailblazing blockchain ecosystem, is pleased to announce the public presale of its EGO token. The presale started on the 6th of April and is still live. All interested investors are to join the public presale here.

At the ongoing public presale, participants are allowed to purchase up to 35 million EGO (3.5% of total supply) at $0.05 each. Buyers are expectant that the presale will take the paysenger ecosystem to the next level.

Also, the native token is expected to have secured equity due to its unique ecosystem and strong community. In addition, the native token will be used for payments as well as NFT trades on the Paysenger platform.

Recent Developments…

The paysenger platform is governed by the EGO token as its native token. Currently, the EGO token is in top-10 of the tokens of all time and has a rating of 4.7 on ICO holder. This remains the best platform for tracking promising cryptocurrency projects for investment purposes. In addition, the project is highly commended by ICO Drops, one of the most trusted initial coin offering (ICO) trackers.

Speaking on the project, Timo Trippler, an ICO adviser, said

“Paysenger adds a new dimension to communication where human attention becomes a valuable resource. We are creating a seamless way for experts and influencers to monetize their interactions. Our platform will provide a reliable financial filter and highlight the most valuable offers while rewarding users for their time and attention.”

The endorsement does not end there. Ian Scarffe, a veteran investor and consultant who has held 119 successful ICOs and has attracted funds worth more than $600 million, also acknowledged the token’s potential. He said, “EGO’s goal is to transform the blockchain space by making the technology easier to a large audience; making tech easier is key in blockchain.”

EGO Token Details

Total supply 1000000000

Token Distribution

Seed: 5%

Private Sale : 2%

Public Pre-Sale :…