Penny Finance Adds Automated Money Insight Feature to Financial Mentorship Platf… – Press Release

TechStars Alumnus Strengthens its online financial platform with PLAID automated account integration, making it easier than ever for Penny members to gain full visibility and control over their finances

Penny Finance, the online financial mentorship platform for women, today announces the launch of automated account integration with PLAID, allowing for improved money insights and more accurate financial reporting for members.

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Imagine being told every Monday via email how you could make more money today, or how to grow your wealth over time with easy, simple steps? Penny’s new feature enables women to link their bank accounts for an even better and seamless member experience. Once an account is linked, numbers update automatically. Members receive regular, personalized email reminders and a customized version of the digestible education and mentorship Penny is known for, delivered straight to their inbox. (For example, “you could save on interest payments with a 0% promotional credit card”; or “you could earn $516 extra dollars by moving your standard savings account to a high yield savings account.”) From explaining what accounts you actually have, what to do with them to maximize your financial potential, and the immediate steps to take next, it’s the perfect tool to help women become masters of their own personal financial journey.

Managing your finances should be easy. You shouldn’t have to dig through statements, read a finance book, or ask your dad how to manage your money. We are so excited to take the guesswork out of managing your money for the most high-potential group of investors out there: women.” says Crissi Cole, CEO & Founder of Penny Finance.

Eva, a Penny member, shares her experience: “I open my inbox on Monday mornings, with money guilt after spending too much money over the weekend, and Penny tells me what to…