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/ introduces the VETTA Personal Nicotine Vaporizer, a vaporizer designed for heavy smokers. Vaporizer Offers More Vapor, Stronger Battery and Sleek Design

Veppo, a Colorado-based e-company for personal nicotine vaporizers, e-cigarettes, electronic cigars and eliquid nicotine, announced today that it has launched the new Veppo Vetta Personal Nicotine Vaporizer. This personal vaporizer offers enhanced features including a greater amount of vapor, a strong battery and a design that others will envy.

The Veppo Vetta Personal Vaporizer will allow users an even longer time to enjoy vaping with the new, longer-lasting battery. Lasting five times greater than e-cigarette batteries, users can spend less time recharging and more time enjoying the benefits of vaping.

“The new Veppo Vetta Personal Vaporizers offer users the maximum amount of vapor with less battery recharging every few days as compared to a few times daily. Users of varying degrees will find the experience very enjoyable” said Keith King, founder of Veppo. “The Veppo Vetta Personal Vaporizer is not an e-cigarette and it doesn’t put a stigma on the user as a cigarette smoker.”

The Veppo Vetta Personal Vaporizers offers these key features.

Strong, versatile battery: The Veppo Vetta Vaporizer has a 900 mAh battery, making it five times stronger than regular e-cigarette batteries. Heavy vapor users will only recharge the Vetta Personal Vaporizer battery once every two to three days as compared to 2-3 times per day with a regular e-cigarette battery.

From its manual, push button design, e-liquid nicotine cannot get into the battery and shorten its life, giving users a more durable battery and better value. It is also stronger than the 650 mAh battery that typically comes with comparable Ego and Vgo kits.

Great flexibility: The Veppo Vetta uses the same 510 atomizer and 510 cartridges currently utilized with the Veppo 510 electronic cigarettes and other 510 e-cigarette brands. The 510 atomizer is the most durable atomizer on the market and the 510 e-cigarette cartridges are designed so that no e-liquid gets into your mouth. You can have more e-liquid that is easier to fill.

Style: A sleek, stylish design brings a classy, sophisticated appearance. Its design does not look like a regular cigarette so the stigma of smoking a regular cigarette is gone. Choose from five colors to fit your style and appreciate its use in any situation.

Maximum Vapor: With its strong battery, durable atomizer and large capacity cartridges the Veppo Vetta Personal Vaporizer gives users more vapor. The amount produced will satisfy even heavy users. The diamond push button allows users to control the amount of vapor, with great ease.

Veppo electronic cigarettes and cigars are nicotine delivery alternatives to tobacco cigarettes. While users will still get the nicotine found in cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not contain toxins, tar, and carcinogens. Through an understanding that smoking is a difficult habit to break, Veppo wants to make a difference in the lives of smokers by providing an alternative without the harmful side effects of regular cigarettes while helping to promote cleaner and safer environments.

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