PFS Selects Acts 2 as eLearning Partner for Financial Courses

02/14/2013 (press release: KungFuzos) // Dallas, TX, USA // Jayne Rios

Acts 2 Technology today announced it was selected as the eLearning Platform partner for Practical Financial Strategies online courses. PFS is one of the leading Family Money Management companies in the United States; it provides practical money management courses online, workshops, and transformational coaching for individuals and Churches. Acts 2 Technology is the leading online learning, translation and marketing solution for the Christian community.

“Practical Financial Strategies helps people find money that already exists in their daily living and eliminate debt, without eliminating life, through our Biblical Money Mindset teachings. We created a book, workbook and audio CD series, however we wanted to make it easier for people to access this information online,” says Greg Plants, “the Money Finder guy “ and Founder of PFS. “Acts 2 Technology is helping us format our books, online courses, and workshops to create an online platform that can be accessed through the internet anytime, anywhere. Our passion is to help families manage their money with practical, easy to implement, personally customized tools that accelerate their financial destinies.”

“We believe in Greg Plants and his family money management system. He personally helped my family “find” $3,000 per month in extra spending that we were able eliminate immediately,” says Jayne Rios, Founder of Acts 2 Technology. “We are excited to work with the PFS team to create an online platform that will be used to help people manage their finances globally.”

Acts 2 Technology developed eBridge, an online course platform for Christian authors, churches, ministries and missionaries. Acts 2 marketing promotes subscribers and their courses by partnering with global organizations, through public relations, social media and a global website that cross promotes and sends direct traffic to a specific author, course or topic.

About Acts 2 Technology

Acts 2 Technology is brought to you by Christians who take seriously Jesus’ commission to “make disciples of all the nations.” This elearning site has been developed as a tool to reach billions across the globe with God’s Word as taught by the best authors, teachers and preachers. Our staff is experienced in elearning curriculum, content writing, online video, Christian publishing and marketing. This vast experience combined with new technology makes possible, as never before, an affordable way for writers, speakers, teachers and others to reach out internationally to those who want to learn and grow. Contact us for more information at or call 469-287-5355.

About Practical Financial Strategies

PFS was formed nearly 10 years ago. Our slogan of “Information to use, Strategies that work” is born from over 25 years of time tested application of the PFS principles. In California, one small group of “Debt Busters” eliminated over $94,000 of their debt in less than one year. Church groups on the east coast established their 1-Page Spending plans. Contact us at to learn more.

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