Triple help, times two: Two single mothers, each with triplets, receive grants

04/10/2012 // BPollock // Phillips Charitable Organization // (press release)

Seven years ago, Meirav Altmark, a Los Angeles resident, got wonderful news – she was pregnant with triplets. Life was wonderful and Meirav delivered three premature, but beautiful, babies.

The father left before they were born. The children were not well, and their care became Meirav’s priority. Because of her time commitments at home, Meirav had to quit her job. Financial hardship followed.

Because of Meirav’s dedication, all three children are now healthy. Meirav found time to look for work but one thing was holding her back – her lack of transportation.

It was a struggle to get the children to school. Tasks such as doctor appointments and grocery shopping were difficult. A way to get around would allow Meirav to work again.

In Hollywood, a similar story was playing out for Sabrina Phillips. Sabrina was pregnant with triplets. Because she was a “high-risk pregnancy,” the doctor ordered her not to work. The babies’ father left and Sabrina found herself a single parent to three newborns. With no one there to help, Sabrina had to stay home.

Sabrina moved to Sacramento where she and her babies struggled. They were healthy, but money was tight. She hadn’t worked in four years.

“I didn’t have money for childcare. It seemed like I couldn’t get ahead,” Sabrina said.

The situations were referred to Phillips Charitable Organization and both women received emergency grants from Charles Phillips and PCO.

“The grant was a great blessing,” Sabrina said. “It allowed me to focus on getting back into the work force. I eliminated debt, got my finances in order, and was able to pay for the children’s dental care, food and clothes. This grant was a life saver.”

In Meirav’s case, Phillips Charitable Organization joined forces with Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles (JBBBSLA). Together, the organizations were able to provide a mini-van, insurance and gas for the family.

“These two strong women have the enormous responsibility of raising triplets alone. PCO is pleased that Meirav and Sabrina are now on a positive track to reach their family and career goals” said Young Hug, Board Member, PCO.

After two years of operation, Phillips Charitable Organization’s emergency grants have helped many families in financial crises. PCO specifically helps single parents, engineering students, and military veterans – three constituencies dear to Charles Phillips and the board members.

Two major operating principles of PCO are to (1) evaluate and decide on grants quickly, normally within 48 hours, to help people with urgent challenges and (2) expend 100% of foundation funds on helping people in need and nothing on administrative overhead which is funded by the board itself. PCO was founded by four lifelong friends including its president, Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor.

To donate or for more information, contact Philips Charitable Organization: 888 838-1077,

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