Photographer Andrea Gjestvang’s portrait of life within the male-dominated Faroe Islands

Photographer Andrea Gjestvang's portrait of life in the male-dominated Faroe Islands


Written by Oscar Holland, CNN

In her striking images of the Faroe Islands, a remote archipelago between Iceland and her native Norway, photographer Andrea Gjestvang depicts islanders and livelihoods that are as tough and unforgiving as the windswept landscape.

Fishing trawlers travel through frigid seas. Clouds roll over craggy mountains and cliffside villages. Clothes and boots are stained with the blood of slaughtered livestock and marine animals. Well-used tools hang from the walls of traditional wooden buildings.

The innate connection between Faroese people and their surroundings is woven through Gjestvang’s new book about the islands, “Atlantic Cowboy.” Portraits appear alongside dramatic landscape shots that reiterate the Faroes’ harsh conditions and remoteness of settlements dwarfed by neighboring mountains.

“I’m not a landscape photographer but, just like when I portray people, when I photograph a landscape, I look for mood,” Gjestvang said during a video interview. “I try to…