Photographer Yevhen Samuchenko’s love letter to his Ukrainian homeland

Photographer Yevhen Samuchenko's love letter to his Ukrainian homeland


Written by Oscar Holland, CNN

In Snap, we look at the power of a single photograph, chronicling stories about how both modern and historical images have been made.

In a drone photograph by Yevhen Samuchenko, Lake Lemuria, the so-called “Dead Sea of Ukraine,” takes on a surreal, otherworldly quality. Its waters turned pink by algae, its shoreline streaked with white salt deposits, the body of water might easily be confused for an abstract painting were it not for the presence of two tiny figures and their nearby car.

“I wanted to show the scale of the landscape, because when you see the very small people, you understand how big the location is,” said Samuchenko, via a translator, on a video call from his home in the Ukrainian city of Odesa. “But I also want the viewer to see themselves as being like these people — to invite them into the photo.”

The photographer’s mission to showcase Ukraine’s natural beauty has taken on new urgency following Russia’s full-scale invasion in…