Physical Brain Tiredness Syndrome (PBT-S).

/ President Obama’s first debate has turned up a treasure trove of ground breaking insights. President Obama even with the best ever medical help could not pinpoint what was specifically wrong with him at his first debate. He knew generally that he was tired. We were the only ones who figured out that his physical brain was over worked and tired.

The problem is that in spite of all the progress in the mind sciences we are still very foggy about the difference between brain and mind. In fact even in High School psychology text books there is no topic on the mind. We have been able to figure out the differences between brain and mind.

As soon as President Obama walked in in the first debate we could see that his physical brain was tired. Everyone could see that his body was tired but no one could see that it was his physical brain that was tired.

President Obama has over the top intelligence and has wisdom. He is also over exuberant about his presidency. He is a hands on president. He takes in advice from different experts on each and every topic and he tries to become an expert of every policy issue; down to the last detail. All this heavy duty absorption of knowledge tires the mind. Even when the mind is over worked it is the physical brain that does the thinking through biochemical action/reaction. In the process the physical brain gets tired. Again when the body and mind are sleeping/resting the unconscious brain starts to review/sleep-over the mind absorbed knowledge. President Obama is human after all and he has only one brain. The amount of information that the brain has to go-over is huge and as a result the physical brain gets tired. Even when President Obama has had a good mind/body rest through sleeping he wakes up with a tired brain, which even tires the mind and body. Brain fatigue is already well known but PBT-S comes from too much information-churning/researching overload. Where information is taken in and is turned over and over in the mind to examine every angle to comprehend every nuance. This causes too much physical brain activity resulting in a tired brain that projects a disengaged mind.

One of the biggest physical strain on the brain is due to our ignorance that we can work, work, work for months and then go on vacation, at least those who can afford it; for a few days and it will be a good healthy living. It is like eating, eating, eating for days and then giving the stomach rest for a day. The stomach needs rest every few hours. The brain is the same. It must not only be rested every few hours it has also to be nourished with the right food and the right pleasures every single day.

It must be very frustrating and confusing for the president; he has the ultimate job which he totally enjoys and is very successful at and has seldom any reason to worry too much and yet he wakes up with a tired mind and body; where the mind is often quite disengaged.

We are sure his doctors must have tried to figure out how to help him cure this illness. We would like to inform his doctors that the cure is very simple. President Obama needs to cut down on absorbing too much information so that his mind and fundamentally his brain does not get over loaded with too much information. He needs to realize that he does not need to become an expert of every detail of every issue. He should be concerned with the broad strokes and let his team do the rest. He must also indulge his brain in what ever gives him the most pleasure.

Here is a chance for President Obama to become the mascot for PBS-T. There are hundreds of millions of Americans and billions around the world who suffer from either PBT-S or EBT-S (emotional brain tiredness syndrome); mostly a mixture of both. We can take the first steps to eliminating as much as possible PBT-S and EBTS from the lives of Americans and the world.

These are exciting times. For one of the very few times in all history we will see a President who has wisdom and has no emotional baggage; we will make sure of it. Already there is a new President Obama. No more disengaged mind. No more eyes closing fast and opening slow. No more looking down. No more needing the teleprompter. Before our job with him is finished he will feel fully rested and relaxed. It will add years to his youth. He will sleep better. His behavior will be more jovial. All the character traits of a selflessness and well a rested, super healthy person will be there. No more sleeping on the job.

Starting from the top hopefully we will change all America. The majority of us Americans are over worked, over-ambitious, over anxious, over tense… The majority because we have a trophy self image. The defective self image is powered by emotional baggage in the brain that has to be removed.

Eighty% of Americans have various degrees of emotional baggage in the brain and so have over worked brains, resulting in brain fatigue and/or PBT-S. We must wake up all America to the PBST/brain-fatigue in our lives. With fully rested and relaxed brains America will change into a healthier, happier and wealthier society. Also please google: wisdom einpresswire

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