Phytoceramides are approved by the FDA thanks to a new Clinical Study

04/03/2014 (press release: Health) // Mark Dennison

Osaka University study reports improved skin conditions

Phytoceramides Ultra announces that phytoceramides have recently been approved by the FDA. A study conducted by Osaka University reports that subjects found improvements to dry and rough skin within weeks of taking a daily dose.

The FDA has approved phytoceramides as a dietary supplement; the recommended dose is one pill per day. These supplements come from plants. Derived from sweet potatoes, wheat flour, dairy products, eggs, soybeans and spinach, they are available now in pill form. When taken once a day orally, they enter the bloodstream so they work on skin all over the body. This is different than Botox, and will be competition for Botox, which is applied only locally, usually to specific wrinkle lines around the face area. After ingestion, phytoceramides come up from the bloodstream to underneath the skin layers to help “rebind” dry skin and re-hydrate older, drier skin.

Ceramides are a naturally occurring element of human skin; they are a type of sphingolipids, which are lipid substances present in all cell structures. There are six species or structures of ceramides. They help build and maintain moisture of the natural protective skin barrier; they help to hydrate the skin from the inside out by bonding skin cells together, thereby helping skin hold in moisture. Over time, and with age, ceramides naturally get depleted, and can cause skin to slowly dry and look and feel rough.

The recent clinical study done at Osaka City University covered 33 subjects (6 men, 27 women). These subjects initially reported dry and rough skin. They then took a phytoceramides pill every day for six weeks. The results were quite impressive: The subjects reported that the pill hydrated their skin and prevented wrinkles with its elsastase suppression and collagen production. Previous research has shown that ceramides suppress free radicals and can enhance the protection of tissues from external harmful effects (pollution, sun and stress).

There are other reports of the pill helping to relieve severe dry skin conditions, like dermatitis around the mouth and eye area.

“We are very excited about this FDA approval,” says a Phytoceramides Ultra company spokesperson. “We look forward to serving our clients and help dry skin sufferers feel some relief from rough, dry skin. According to the study, the skin will feel better within just weeks. We look forward to seeing these results.”

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