Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips Highlight Importance of Patients’ Understanding of the Process, says Beverly Hills Physicians – Press Release


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Following the surgeon’s recovery instructions is critical for ensuring the best results, as is the choice of the best possible provider.

A July 26 article on NewBeauty NewBeauty offers suggestions to prospective plastic surgery patients to help them avoid some of the pitfalls they may be concerned about. While acknowledging that recovery can be difficult, the article explains that the process can be made much easier with a combination of support from close friends and family, extensive preparation, patience regarding results, following all post-operation instructions, light exercise as proscribed by a medical team, and finally, maintaining a light and healthy diet. Plastic surgery group Beverly Hills Physicians says following the surgeon’s recovery instructions is critical for ensuring the best results, as is the choice of the best possible provider.

Beverly Hills Physicians says immediately following most procedures, it is normal for patients to experience such minor but bothersome issues as bruising, swelling, and some discomfort. The group says patients should not worry though: discomfort is manageable with prescribed and/or over-the-counter medications as suggested by the physician. The group notes that such information is always personalized to suit the patient and is given in detailed post-operation instructions that patients should always follow closely. The group adds that patients should always take care to inform the medical team about any questions or concerns.

Beverly Hills Physicians says, in general, patients can expect to do little else but rest immediately following their procedure while gradually getting back to a more normal routine in the days and weeks to follow. In some cases, the timeframe may be longer or shorter depending on how invasive the procedure was and the specific techniques employed. A facelift, for example, may require significantly less downtime than when multiple involved body procedures are performed together such as following a mommy makeover. A combination of procedures that typically combine a tummy tuck with breast augmentations and lifts, as well as the increasingly popular procedure referred to as a Brazilian butt lift.

The group also says that, while recovering patients need to get sufficient rest, that does not mean they should be completely sedentary. As the article mentions, light exercise tends to benefit the healing process, so patients need to follow their doctor’s instructions regarding what kind of exercises they should do and how much.

Above all, Beverly Hills Physicians stresses the importance of following post-operation instructions but also echoes the NewBeauty article, noting that patients who want to be happy over the long term with their procedures should indeed maintain a positive and patient outlook on their results. At the same time, a good plastic surgeon should always provide a patient with a clear timetable so they know what to expect during their recovery process and such matters as how long it might be before the full outcomes of a procedure are visible. The group acknowledges that it can take some patience to wait weeks or months before the intended results fully appear but the wait is nearly always worth it.

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