PLC makes transfer to cease unlawful 7MB merchants

Cayman News Service

Vendors on Seven Mile Beach

(CNS): The Public Lands Commission (PLC) Inspectorate is investigating the rise in the number of people engaging in commercial activities on public beaches and has issued a cease and desist notice. PLC Chief Inspector Winsome Prendergast said a new permit application process is in the works, but in the meantime, only pre-approved vendors can operate, especially on Seven Mile Public Beach, and that must be from the kiosks, even though traders have said the wooden huts are not fit for purpose.

“We are aware that there are some pre-approved persons who have pending applications or have conditional approval based on having a valid trade and business licence,” Prendergast said in a press release from the PLC Thursday. “These vendors are to operate only from the designated kiosks at the Seven Mile Public Beach. We will provide the public with an update of the newly designed vendor permit application process following receipt of Cabinet’s…