POF retains targeted on nature’s wants

POF keeps focused on nature’s needs

Some of the damage at the Botanic Park caused by TS Grace

(CNS): Protect Our Future, the local student-led NGO that is keenly focused on creating a sustainable future for these islands, persuaded the student body of Cayman International School (CIS) to donate the money raised in the first dressdown day of the year to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park’s (QEIIBP), which was badly damaged in Tropical Storm Grace. General Manager John Lawrus received the donation at last week’s school assembly, where he explained how badly damaged the park was.

“Regrettably, we did suffer immense damage and we are most likely going to put this towards repairing a portion of our greenhouse structure, which is completely gone,” he said.

POF member Nicolas Corin indicated that the group hopes to get further involved. “We’re super passionate about our work and we’re proud of how this all went. I think it was a success and we are looking forward to possibly working with the…