Police seize 800lbs ganja in native busts

Cayman News Service

Drugs recovered on 27 April 2021 (Photo by RCIPS)

(CNS): Following a number of local drug busts at homes and on the road last month, police have seized around 800lbs of ganja and arrested six people, five of whom have been charged with drug dealing offences. The ganja was found in three separate incidents. In the first, two vehicles were searched in East End. In the other two related incidents, drugs were found during a search at a home in Spotts Newlands, and also during an operation in which various West Bay residences were searched under the Misuse of Drugs Law.

The first incident, police seized 128lbs of ganja from two vehicles that were stopped and searched after they were spotted speeding in an apparent convoy on Sunday, 18 April, along the the Queen’s Highway. A 30-year-old-man of East End was arrested after police found 120lbs of ganja in his vehicle, and a 23-year-old woman was arrested after they found over 8lbs in the vehicle she was driving. They have both…