PortX Announces Integration Manager 2.0 to Transform Digital Core Banking Integr… – Press Release


Powerful innovations: self-service deployment, unified observability tools, and advanced security features for optimal control.

Revamped infrastructure: streamlined application deployment and elevated debugging capabilities for rapid issue resolution.

Enhanced user experience: seamless identity and access management, efficient API versioning, and improved data privacy tools.

PortX, the financial infrastructure and integration technology company that delivers open access to data and rapid innovation for financial institutions through its Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), announces the release of version 2.0 of its Integration Manager product, a significant update packed with advanced features tailored to streamline your operations and elevate control over your digital core integration.

Combining the power of Integration Manager & Payment Manager for FIs

Integration Manager 2.0 provides FIs with powerful, API-driven process automation that reduces the workload on internal staff and supports a broad range of solutions unavailable from core vendors. This comes on the heels of PortX’s recent release of Payment Manager 1.0 – a tool that allows financial institutions to manage all payment channels on a single screen – which introduced several new features including added support for back-office operations teams to repair returns via Payment Manager’s UI, support for fintech use cases, single sign-on federated with an FI’s identity provider, and quick search functionality for viewing historic wires by IMAD/OMAD.

Quick look at the exciting new features available in Integration Manager 2.0

  • Self-service deployment platform: Now, deploy your applications easily and independently, leveraging a full suite of self-service features.

  • Unified observability tools and distributed tracing: Gain a comprehensive overview of your system and data’s performance with unified tools and distributed tracing capabilities.

  • Web UI with a real-time view of…