Powerball Fever Hits Lotto.com – Our First Million Dollar Winning Ticket, Sees a… – Press Release


JERSEY CITY, N.J., Nov. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Powerball mania has gripped the country, with Lotto.com emerging as the most convenient digital option for those looking to get into the historic action. The Powerball jackpot has grown to an estimated $1.9 billion after no winning tickets were sold in Saturday night’s drawing.

Even though nobody hit the record jackpot, a Colorado player became Lotto.com’s first million dollar winner on Saturday night. The player registered on November 3 and promptly won on their first ticket.

Lotto.com – the easiest way for folks in New Jersey, New York, Colorado and Texas to safely and conveniently order lottery tickets – including Powerball – is seeing a boom in consumer engagement, with a whopping 1318% increase in Powerball ticket transactions from September through October. Traffic continues to surge as Americans look to get in on the action. With that increased traffic and unprecedented demand, Lotto.com urges its players to please get their orders in as soon as possible.

Part of the traction comes by design, as no app download or deposit is required. The platform enables players to order official state lottery tickets by picking their lucky numbers manually or using its Quick Pick lucky number generator. As a registered and licensed lottery courier enabling user participation in official state lotteries, Lotto.com helps the lottery contribute incremental funds to state-run programs across education, parks, emergency responders, veterans’ health, and other important services.

“This is why we created Lotto.com – to make it fun and easy for anyone to have a chance for their own piece of a jackpot dream,” said Thomas Metzger, CEO of Lotto.com Inc. “Our teams are literally working around the clock to support players in our markets, the demand is unreal. It’s incredibly rewarding to help so many people experience the rush of Powerball for the first time, bringing incremental players and revenues to the good causes that state…