PPM denies function in launch of Bush assault footage

PPM denies role in release of Bush assault footage

McKeeva Bush attack on female bar manager, from evidence video

(CNS): A decision by the Cayman Compass to publish the CCTV footage of McKeeva Bush assaulting Livia Kwong, the bar manager of Coral Beach Bar at the time in February last year, has become embroiled in politics, given the timing of the release. The publishers claim they secured the video with the help of a local law firm, despite it being accessible for some time and openly offered to the press in the wake of the election when the PACT Government had made the unpopular decision to include Bush in the new government’s line-up.

CNS and other media houses opted not to post the footage based on the victim’s wishes. But now its release has the community pointing fingers at the opposition.

Following the release of the footage on Friday, all eyes immediately switched to the Progressives as being behind the release, given that the opposition has begun to mount direct attacks on the current government,…