PPM requires cruise coverage as numbers fall

Carnival cruise ship in George Town, Cayman News Service

Carnival cruise ship in George Town

(CNS): Opposition Leader Roy McTaggart (GTE) and his PPM colleague, Joey Hew (GTN), the deputy leader, took aim at the PACT Government this week for its failure to develop a cruise policy in the face of falling passenger numbers. Hew said that if Cayman is going to move out of the cruise business, it needs to help those who have depended on it.

Appearing on For the Record with Orrett Connor on Radio Cayman on Wednesday, the Progressive members, who had supported the costly, controversial berthing project, said that without a dock, the cruise sector would disappear. But if that is what people wanted, then government must develop a strategic policy to manage that decline and transition people who relied on cruise passengers to earn a living to overnight guests.

“We have heard that people are starting to feel the crunch,” said Hew. He claimed that there was $24 million missing from the economy as a result of the drop in passengers…