Premier Panton commits to social justice

Cayman News Service

Premier Wayne Panton delivers SPS remarks

(CNS): The PACT Government will be picking up the tab to feed hungry children in school, expand social care for the elderly, help young Caymanians buy a home and put local people at the centre of the job market. In his remarks on the Strategic Policy Statement delivered Wednesday, Premier Wayne Panton outlined a platform for the next three years with social justice issues at its centre and a realignment of public spending. But while the new premier set out progressive changes and a commitment to climate resilience, PACT has not yet shaken off the historic government dependency on construction and development to fuel the economy and revenue.

In his address to Parliament, Panton focused on the PACT’s underlying principle of people-driven policies that will underpin the spending for the next three years and shape the first budget, which is due in November.

“You will see strategic spending aimed at programmes that will benefit…